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VISX StarS4 CustomVue LASIK

"I just did it eight months ago. I wish I had done it ten years ago. I am free of feeling blind. I could not leave the house without glasses or contacts. The surgery itself is pain-free. When you are as blind as I was, you are really worried if something goes wrong, you are going to be married to glasses. I don't want to be married to glasses, sorry! So, I loved it! I had no pain that day. I was putting my drops in like I was supposed to. You don't even have the urge to itch your eyes, or rub your eyes. There was no dryness. I never even needed a Tylenol. There is no pain, so, it is pain-free. The technicians and the doctor are so soothing. They tell you what  to expect prior to it happening, and during it, which was comforting. You weren't nervous. You weren't afraid, and I wasn't tense. The whole experience was just wonderful. I truly recommend it to anybody who cannot see, or of you are having a problem, or having second thoughts, don't be afraid, look into it, because if you are a candidate, it's worth it."

  Diana Chapman


Near Vision CK

"Actually, the procedure and Dr. Casey changed my life. I was having terrible problems reading. My arms weren't long enough. I came to see him and he recommended it. It has been the most amazing, amazing surgery. I am very grateful to him and his staff. I was a little nervous, and he comforted me. But I felt nothing. I sat up and, instant! I mean, it needed some adjustment, over time, and everything he said just happened the way it was supposed to. I am very, very  happy."

     Elaine Villanueva



"It's the most exciting thing I have ever had, really. It's like trying something new every day. Discovering new things every day. You pick up an ordinary book to read, and you think, I am reading, actually reading,. It's incredible, really. It's a discovery I can't express, really, fully, how exciting is is. Beautiful, beautiful. You know, you go out into the garden, and you can see all of these minute things. The excitement Dr. Casey creates in us is incredible, incredible. I thank you very, very much."

     Gloria Rodriguez

"It is just unbelievable not to wear glasses! I've worn glasses for many, many years. I would just never go back to wearing glasses unless there was no other way out of it. I really don't need them. I see far, I see close, I see itsy-bitsy print – it's just unbelievable.

The day after I had this cataract surgery I went back to work. I work in a medical office as a cashier, reading insurance cards-really fine print-and I could see fine. I could see so well it was...I could not believe it. I couldn't believe it.

Life without glasses is...well, as I say, it sets you free. You no longer have to look through these lenses all the time. You can look anywhere you want without them.

If there is just one thing I could say to anyone who was considering this surgery, it's 'go for it!' I, from the beginning, have had no pain. I was awake the whole time. I saw immediately after the surgery. I guess I just can't find words to say to people. Please do it, it is so wonderful. I have friends who are waiting. They are waiting for this procedure to come out so they can have it done. It's wonderful.

Anything that I could do to know that someone else could see like me, I would do it – I would. I would do anything to help someone else to see like I do."

Anne, ReSTOR patient

"I don't wear glasses at all. I can see everything I want to see – there's just no need for them. I wear sunglasses when I drive, they are not prescription.

I work on the computer approximately eight hours a day at work, and then I'm on the computer at home. That's not an issue for me. I don't have any problems with that. When driving, I see all the instruments on my car just absolutely clear, and even at night, there's no problem with reflection from the lights on the dashboard.
I can read my watch. I can read the ingredients on a nail polish bottle. The thing that I noticed most about it was that my vision was like I was 25 years old again, which was terrific."

Nancy. ReSTOR patient

"I can read my contracts at work, I can read newspapers – I never use reading glasses.

My doctor told me in the beginning that one of the things I would notice was I that would see halos around the lights at night. And I have experienced that, but it does not bother me. I just think it makes me see them even more plainly. But I do see the halos, but they are not bothersome.

My advice to anyone that was even considering this would be to go for it, because it has been wonderful for me. I just wish I had done it years before and would not have to worry about glasses at all."

Marilyn, ReSTOR patient

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