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Near Vision CK

Dr. Paul Casey
Las Vegas / Henderson Near Vision CK Specialist

Dr. Casey and his colleagues at Nevada Eye Care were the first surgeons in Las Vegas to use Conductive Keratoplasty, or CK. Near Vision CK is designed for baby boomers who are having trouble with their near vision. It happens to everyone, sooner or later. Whether you previously had LASIK, or were born with naturally clear vision, when you reach your forties, everything up close turns into a blur. This is caused by presbyopia, a natural stiffening of the lens inside the eye. NearVision CK is the only FDA approved treatment for presbyopia. It is a simple, quick, painless in-office procedure that results in dramtically improved near vision. No more fumbling for reading glasses to read a menu, or dial your cell phone!

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Dr. Casey is also renowned as a highly experienced Henderson and Las Vegas cataract surgery specialist who uses advanced IOLs, such as Crystalens, Toric, and Tecnis, to provide patients with clear vision and reduce their dependence on glasses. 

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