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Dr. Paul Casey
Las Vegas / Henderson Crystalens IOLs Specialist

Dr. Paul Casey is an accomplished Las Vegas and Henderson Crystalens IOLs specialist. He uses these lens implants to replace the clouded lenses that are removed during cataract surgery. As a leading Crystalens Las Vegas expert, Dr. Casey has treated numerous patients from Las Vegas, Henderson and throughout the state of Nevada. Please peruse the paragraphs below to learn more about implantation of Crystalens in Las Vegas.

Dr. Paul Casey was the first surgeon in Las Vegas to be credentialed on the Crystalens Vision Enhancement System. This comprehensive approach to vision rehabilitation is intended for older patients. As we age, the lens inside the eye becomes stiff, making it difficult for our eyes to focus clearly up close. This condition is called presbyopia. Eventually, the lens also becomes cloudy, and that is called a cataract.


The Crystalens is a revolutionary intraocular lens implant used at the time of cataract surgery. The stiff and cloudy cataract is replaced with the flexible and clear Crystalens. The Crystalens is designed to work with the eyes natural muscles to allow patients to focus clearly on objects far away, up close and in between, without glasses or contact lenses!

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More about Dr. Casey

In addition to his reputation as a highly skilled, dedicated expert in Las Vegas cataracts and IOLs, such as Crystalens and Tecnis, Dr. Casey is also renowned as one of the most experienced laser cataract surgery Las Vegas and LASIK eye surgery specialists in the area. Besides LASIK, he also specializes in PRK and LASEK eye surgeries.

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